Saturday, June 25, 2011

~Six Months Until Christmas!~

Christmas is my favorite holiday and as of today it is six months away.  This makes me excited but also a little anxious.  You may think six months is a long time but really before you know it the holiday season will be here.  Seems like every year the Christmas season starts a little earlier than the last.  I’ve see Christmas items come out as early as Halloween.  Either way it doesn’t matter because this year I will be READY!  Ok, every year I say this but I really want this to be my goal this year.  Typically I shop year round.  I already have more gifts stashed away this year than I have in the previous years so I’m feeling good about having shopping done early.

Me with all my ornaments, yes I have a lot and each year I collect more! IMG_9571For those of you that live in Washington you know so far our spring and summer has been pretty glum...  It’s almost July and we have maybe had a handful of sunny days in the 70’s with no rain and blue skies.  So you might think I’m crazy for talking about winter with our summer being so lacking but I’m looking at the “bright” side.

Our Christmas tree last year.  This year it will be bigger!IMG_9576

My kitty Stamper.  He loves Christmas too! IMG_9566

Let the Christmas Count Down Begin!

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