Friday, February 27, 2009

~Luck of the Irish: EtsyGreetings February Team Challenge~

With St. Patty’s Day just around the corner get in the spirit by visiting the EtsyGreetings Blog to vote for your favorite St. Patty’s Day greeting card.  All you have to do is visit the blog by clicking the link below:


Vote for the card you like the best then write a comment to post to enter.  The card that wins will be given away to the winner.  You must post a comment to enter, voting will end on March 4th.  HAPPY VOTING!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

~Skin Deep Cosmetic Safety Database~

I came across this website a few days ago on twitter.  Someone I follow linked it and I wish I remember who so I could acknowledge them in this post!  Anyways, I didn’t have time to look through the site so I bookmarked it and I am so glad I did.  Now that I have had a chance to browse the site I felt that a blog post about it would be perfect.

The website is called “Skin Deep Cosmetic Safety Database”.  Click HERE to view the site.  All you do is type in a product at the top of the screen in the search field and a list will populate.  Scroll through the list until you find the specific item.  On a scale of 1-10 you can see how “hazardous” the product is to your health. 

This website is an excellent tool and can really help guide you in purchasing products that are better for your health and body.  One item I found to be a high hazard (8 out of 10 rating) is the Skintimate Aroma Therapy Shave Gel Soothing Lavender.  Ingredients in this shave gel are linked to cancer!  Yikes, shave gel?  Really? 

Not only can you see the risk factor but also if the manufacturer conducts animal testing.  You can also see if the company is a Compact for Safe Cosmetics signer.   By becoming a signer the company takes a pledge to formulate products that do not use ingredients that are known or suspected to cause certain health harms within 3 years of signing.  The company who manufactures this shave gel is S.C. Johnson.  I was surprised to learn that they do test on animals and do not participate in the Compact for Safe Cosmetics. 

Bottom line, if you are concerned about a product check it out before placing it in your shopping cart.  You may discover things that you never knew. 

Know of any other great websites like this one?  Post a comment and share.  :-)

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

~Think Rich…~

Did you honestly think I was talking about money?  :-)  Think Rich Color, this is the topic for my first blog carnival I am participating in as a member of Blogfire, a group of bloggers who own shops on Artfire.  You can check out my shop by clicking HERE

For those who know me well, you know that my favorite color is purple.  Naturally I picked this color and started my window shopping excursion on Artfire.  I decided to stick with a purple flower theme since spring is coming upon us.  These are the lovely items I found.  Feel free to comment and link to any other rich purple items. 

Check out these petunia seeds from Wiseplants shop.  These wild purple petunia seeds are brought to you just in time for spring.  Don’t forget spring starts in March which is just around the corner. 

Next on my list I found this Pretty Purple Flower Cell Phone Cozy from GymMama’s shop.  What a perfect accessory to have.  Not only will this little cozy hold your cell phone but also some money or credit/debit card.  The best part about purchasing from GymMama is that 20% of each sale goes directly to charity.

My last item I found in VieModerne’s shop.  This beautiful Violet Satin Rose Hairclip or Brooch is rich in color and very stylish.  This would be a great accessory to wear to a garden wedding or for a night out. 

Happy Shopping!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

~February EtsyBlogger of The Month: Donna Pool~

Congrats to Donna Pool who is the featured Etsy Blogger of the month for February!

To visit Donna’s shop click HERE!

Donna’s shop is stocked with lovely handmade goodies.  If you are looking for a gift for a cat lover her shop is a perfect one stop shop.  Below I’ve listed some sections in Donna’s shop, click the category to be taken to the appropriate section: 

Interested in learning more about Donna and her shop?  She has two blogs, check them out:

Monday, February 23, 2009

~Why Etsy?~

cards by jenna kitty

Opening my shop on Etsy, Cards By Jenna, was one of the best things I could have done to inspire myself.  Before selling on Etsy I made paper goods when I needed them. 

IMG_2651 IMG_2658 126-2648_IMG

For example:  If someone I knew was going to have a birthday I would make a card specific to them.  Depending on the gift I purchased I would even make the gift wrap and tag.  Everything was hand made and personalized.

Don’t get me wrong I still personalize cards and gift wrap…however… now that I have a place to display and sell my creations a whole new world of card making opened for me.  At times I would get bored and feel like I was losing my creativity by making the same type of cards over and over again…mainly birthday cards.  I needed a variety and opening my shop allowed me to create any type of greeting card I wanted.

IMG_0700   IMG_2361 IMG_2342

One day I found Etsy by surfing the Internet for inspiration and ideas.  I was definitely inspired and signed up.  I didn’t set up my shop right away.  It took a few months for me to get a banner, avatar, and create more inventory.  Once I was up and running the possibilities were endless.  I could make any type of greeting card I wanted.  I started creating and designing cards for events and occasions I never had before.  At first my favorite cards to make were anything Baby!  Then I moved on to wedding, thank you notes, gift sets, photo cards, etc…my creativity took off!  It was great. 

I love being a seller on Etsy because I enjoy sharing my creations with others.  It’s great to share ideas, browse other shops, network, and make new friends.  Handmade items are so unique and one of a kind.  My shop is not set up to make profit, most of the time I break even or make a few cents.  Whatever money I do make I spend on more card making supplies.  :-)

IMG_2316 IMG_0672 IMG_2366

The draw back to being an Etsy seller is paying all the fees!  On top of the 20 cent per listing fee Etsy also takes 3.5% off the top of the sale.  I understand that Etsy needs to make money too but for a card shop that is quite a bit of money being taken.  On top of these fees I use paypal and paypal charges you too!

Being a part of Etsy has allowed me to join two awesome teams.  Currently I am a member of the EtsyGreetings Team and the EtsyBloggers Street Team.  Within both groups I have made great friends and have been immersed into a world of creativity.  

Thanks for reading!

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