Sunday, July 27, 2008


It's vacation time! Stay tuned for new posts when I return the first week of August.

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Monday, July 21, 2008

Marvelous Martinis!

Who doesn't like to drink martinis? Seems like there is a flavor for everyone but if not check out these items from shop owners on that don't require any drinking. You can't be late for your martini date! Check out this awesome martini clock from Robin's Spare Time Designs etsy shop. Here is the link to her shop: Like this martini clock? Click here for the listing link to buy it!

Like cats and martinis? Check out this adorable kitty kat martini print from Timeless Memories etsy shop: This art print is an actual print from the original! You can own a great piece of this one of a kind art. Click here for the original listing link.

If this print doesn't make your heart skip a beat check out Timeless Memories other items. There is something for everyone in her shop, even glass and beautiful ceramic pieces.

Ok, maybe you don't want something martni-ish to hang on the wall. What about this Apple Martini Candle from On The Rocks Candles: If an apple martini candle isn't your cup of tea this shop has many more candle scents to fall in love with.

I Love Hummingbirds

Recently I have been interested in hummingbirds and decided to get a feeder to try and attract them. After a month of hanging up the sugar water and hoping that one would come by it happened! I decided to get this book from Amazon in order to learn more about these cute little birds. If you are lucky enough to live in an area with hummingbirds I strongly reccomend attracting them with a feeder or outfitting your garden with hummingbird flowers. You won't regret it! In order to honor these little birds and to promote fellow etsians here are a few items from etsy that represent hummingbirds.

This 16 inch square pillow is made by Joom. Check out her etsy shop by visiting: I love this pillow because it is neutral and would look great in a formal living room or comfy in a cozy family room. Like this pillow? Click here for the original item link. Joom has many more pillow designs so check out her shop if you are interested.

This hummingbird art print is pretty in pink! This item comes from Trudi's shop named doublehappiness. Check out her shop by going to Like this print? Click here for the original item link. Trudi has many more items in her shop including photo albums and origami books. Check it out!

What an adorable one of a kind tea and kitchen towel! Cute little hummingbirds and brown accented flourishes make this towel decorative and unique. This towel came from Bonnie's shop: Wouldn't you like to have one? Click here to buy it! If you don't want a towel check out Bonnie's shop. She sells clothing and jewelry...bags too!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Silver Canyons: Jewelry Designs By Nicolle

Recently the Etsy Greetings Team and the Jewelry Etsy Team paired off to promote each other. My business buddy is Nicolle, shop owner and designer of Silver Canyons.

So if you are looking for some sweet jewelry at an even sweeter price, check out Nicolle's shop: Silver Canyons. You are bound to find something beautiful and unique.

All of her designs feature an array of elements while using the finest jewelry making materials such as: semi-precious gemstones, sterling silver wire, 14 karat gold filled wire, imported bali beads from Indonesia, Thai Hill Tribe beads, Swarovski crystals, PMC clay and unique hand crafted lampwork beads. If you see something you love buy it before it's gone!

The picture above is for a listing Nicolle currently has posted on Check out the link here: Dragonfly Cat's Eye Earrings. Don't forget tooutfit yourself or that special someone with a necklace and bracelet! Currently Nicolle has free secondary shipping on anything in her store! If you purchase from her store, please mention that you saw it on my blog. :-)

For more designs you can check out her website at:

For the latest jewelry news, updates, and trends you can check out Nicolle's blog at: