Monday, July 21, 2008

Marvelous Martinis!

Who doesn't like to drink martinis? Seems like there is a flavor for everyone but if not check out these items from shop owners on that don't require any drinking. You can't be late for your martini date! Check out this awesome martini clock from Robin's Spare Time Designs etsy shop. Here is the link to her shop: Like this martini clock? Click here for the listing link to buy it!

Like cats and martinis? Check out this adorable kitty kat martini print from Timeless Memories etsy shop: This art print is an actual print from the original! You can own a great piece of this one of a kind art. Click here for the original listing link.

If this print doesn't make your heart skip a beat check out Timeless Memories other items. There is something for everyone in her shop, even glass and beautiful ceramic pieces.

Ok, maybe you don't want something martni-ish to hang on the wall. What about this Apple Martini Candle from On The Rocks Candles: If an apple martini candle isn't your cup of tea this shop has many more candle scents to fall in love with.

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Ivy said...

Very cute stuff!