Monday, February 23, 2009

~Why Etsy?~

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Opening my shop on Etsy, Cards By Jenna, was one of the best things I could have done to inspire myself.  Before selling on Etsy I made paper goods when I needed them. 

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For example:  If someone I knew was going to have a birthday I would make a card specific to them.  Depending on the gift I purchased I would even make the gift wrap and tag.  Everything was hand made and personalized.

Don’t get me wrong I still personalize cards and gift wrap…however… now that I have a place to display and sell my creations a whole new world of card making opened for me.  At times I would get bored and feel like I was losing my creativity by making the same type of cards over and over again…mainly birthday cards.  I needed a variety and opening my shop allowed me to create any type of greeting card I wanted.

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One day I found Etsy by surfing the Internet for inspiration and ideas.  I was definitely inspired and signed up.  I didn’t set up my shop right away.  It took a few months for me to get a banner, avatar, and create more inventory.  Once I was up and running the possibilities were endless.  I could make any type of greeting card I wanted.  I started creating and designing cards for events and occasions I never had before.  At first my favorite cards to make were anything Baby!  Then I moved on to wedding, thank you notes, gift sets, photo cards, etc…my creativity took off!  It was great. 

I love being a seller on Etsy because I enjoy sharing my creations with others.  It’s great to share ideas, browse other shops, network, and make new friends.  Handmade items are so unique and one of a kind.  My shop is not set up to make profit, most of the time I break even or make a few cents.  Whatever money I do make I spend on more card making supplies.  :-)

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The draw back to being an Etsy seller is paying all the fees!  On top of the 20 cent per listing fee Etsy also takes 3.5% off the top of the sale.  I understand that Etsy needs to make money too but for a card shop that is quite a bit of money being taken.  On top of these fees I use paypal and paypal charges you too!

Being a part of Etsy has allowed me to join two awesome teams.  Currently I am a member of the EtsyGreetings Team and the EtsyBloggers Street Team.  Within both groups I have made great friends and have been immersed into a world of creativity.  

Thanks for reading!

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