Tuesday, March 17, 2009

~Tag You’re It!~

Designs By Vanessa tagged me!  Once tagged you pick the 4th photo in your “pictures” file on your computer, upload the photo to your blog, and tell everyone about it.  Since my most recent photos are of my cards I decided to pick the 4th folder in my “pictures” file then picked the 4th photo inside that file.  Turned out to not be one of my card creations but Christmas last year. :)


This picture is of my parent’s Christmas tree on Christmas morning with all the goodies and gifts underneath.  Long long ago we planted little saplings that are now all grown up.  Every year we cut a tree down.  Since I moved out of the nest I get the treat of getting my very own tree off the lot.  We have so much fun every year.  It’s a great family tradition.

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