Saturday, March 28, 2009

~Do You Shop @ Michael’s Arts & Crafts Store?~

In these tough economic times many of us sacrifice purchases and unnecessary shopping sprees.  If you shop at Michael’s you know that many times the store gives out coupons like they are going out of style. 

This past week Michael’s didn’t have a weekly ad in the Sunday paper…I was so disappointed.  Since I am signed up to receive email updates from the website: frequently I receive coupons.  I received this 50% off (any regular priced item) coupon today and wanted to share with all the crafters out there.  The best thing about this coupon is you can print as many as you want and use them throughout the week but only one per transaction. 

Even though you are supposed to use one coupon per transaction per day I’ve been known to go back the same day and have yet to have a problem.  This coupon is good March 29th through April 4th. 

Click HERE to get the coupon!



~~louise~~ said...

I haven't been to Michael's in so long. Thanks for the heads-up Jenna. I hope this Sunday's paper has a coupon. I think I'll venture out this week and spark the economy!!!

Vanessa said...

Thanks for the coupon!! I <3 Michaels!

~~louise~~ said...

Hi Jenna,
Don't take this the wrong way but every time I see a Michael's coupon I say to myself I have to go visit Jenna. Hope all is well with you...

You might be interested in a FREE cookbook give-away I'm starting tomorrow (May 4th) Drop by any time this week if you get a chance for the details.

Let me know when you do your next update. I'm redesigning my blog and I think it best if I add you to my blogroll. I so enjoy visiting:)