Monday, January 5, 2009

~Etsy Greetings Thank You Card Promo, January 5th to January 15th~

Now that the holidays are over you can relax.  While relaxing why not write thank you notes to those who shared their hosiptality with you over the holidays?  Even if you didn't receive a gift from someone you can always write a thank you note for something.  Here are a few things you can send a thank you card for: 
  • Being invited to a party over the holidays  
  • Send a thank you to those who gave you gifts whether it be something big or small
  • Say thank you for that hostess gift someone brought to you during a party 
  • Did you have lunch, dinner, or happy hour with a friend? Send a note to say how much you appreciated your friends company
  • Give a thank you note to a friend or relative for just being there for you 
  • Write a co-worker a thank you note for being such a great co-worker
Thank you notes can be given for any reason at any time.  Stock up on all your thank you card needs for the year by visiting this link: 

Click on any photo to be taken to a participating etsy shop.
Now is the perfect time to say thank you for all of those wonderful holiday gifts and meals you shared!  Sending a handmade card is a beautiful way to show your gratitude.  The shops featured in the above link are offering free domestic shipping on thank you card sets from January 5th through January 15th.  

My shop, Cards By Jenna, is participating in this promotion.  I am offering free shipping on all my thank you card sets.  I will also be shipping single thank you notes for free too!  Free shipping includes all of Canada and the USA.  Take advantage of this promo and stock up! 

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