Sunday, October 30, 2011

~How to make a paper wig~

While browsing Martha Stewart’s website this morning I came across this tutorial.  This is such a great alternative to buying an expensive wig that you may only wear once or twice for Halloween, plus it is eco-friendly!  

If you don’t like the “newspaper print” look you could always spray paint or spray glitter the paper.  Here are the directions to make this unique costume accessory:

Tools and Materials
Plastic grocery bag
Round object to use as a head form (we used a cabbage)
Masking tape
Newspaper, thin colored paper, or curling ribbon for "hair"
Double-sided tape
Paper Wigs How-To

1. Cut down a plastic grocery bag to create a single sheet of plastic. Place plastic sheet over cabbage.

2. Apply strips of masking tape to plastic, overlapping each slightly, until you have formed the shape of a skull cap. Add two to three more layers of masking tape to create a firm wig base.

3. Remove cap from cabbage, and trim excess plastic around cap. To add extra support, place a few strips of masking tape around the edge and inside the skull cap.

4. Place cap back on the cabbage and begin styling the wig. Cut colored paper or newspaper to 1/2-inch strips, or cut lengths of curling ribbon to create hair. Curl "hair" by carefully dragging across the closed blade of a pair of scissors.

5. Add 4- to 6-inch strips of double-sided tape to the bottom rim of the cap, and begin adding hair. Continue adding more tape and "hair" strips until you reach the crown of the cap and the wig is full.

*Tutorial courtesy of – for the original tutorial click HERE*


cottasofia said...

Your paper wig is very gorgeous and beautiful so good i love it thanks.
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not2complain said...

Thanks for sharing...this would be a fun project for kids...will share this idea!