Friday, January 21, 2011

Special Delivery: Share Your Love 2011–Citymeals

Etsy is working with Citymeals-on-wheels this year bring nutritious meals, handmade greeting cards and companionship to elderly New Yorkers.  Citymeals-on-wheels serves over 18,000 people so they are looking for help.  For the original Etsy blog post click HERE.

There are 2 ways you can be a part of this amazing opportunity:

1. Craft as many Valentine’s Day cards as you can to send in.  Here are some guidelines to follow:

  • No glitter! This creates food safety issues.
  • Please make your cards cheerful by using bright colors. You can decorate cards using paint, crayons, markers, pastels, collage or anything else you can think of.
  • Please avoid dark backgrounds and religious symbols.
  • Please write clearly in large print and avoid using the abbreviation “V-day." Please say, “Valentine's Day."
  • You should not give out your address or suggest that the recipients write back to you. Initiating an ongoing correspondence is not appropriate.
  • Please make sure that the cards are appropriate for the intended audience. That is to say, pretend it's for your sweet sweet grandma, not your snarky, angst-ridden teenage brother.


2.  Don’t have time to make a card?  Why not purchase greeting cards from some fabulous Etsy sellers?  My shop, Sno Valley Greetings, is participating in the event.  I will donate the card you purchase and refund the shipping charges back to you.  In the notes to seller tell me that you are donating to Citymeals-on-wheels.  You must purchase the card through my shop by Tuesday, February 1st.  My donation package will be mailed out on Wednesday, February 2nd to ensure it makes it to New York by the February 9th deadline. 

Anyone who purchases a card through my shop will be acknowledged on my blog!

If you choose to make cards and send them on your own be sure that you mail the package in time to be received by February 3rd.  This deadline is important!  Mail your package to:

Attn: Adam Brown
55 Washington St.
Suite 512
Brooklyn, NY 11201 

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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