Friday, August 29, 2008

~What do you do for Labor Day?~

My plans for this weekend consist of rest and relaxation, well...after the house gets cleaned.

I plan on making some new greeting cards this weekend too. The holidays are fast approaching and I need to start mass producing Christmas cards! It's so hard to believe that August is almost officially over and that means the end of summer. If the weather gets better I would love to go do some things outdoors. Pretty soon it will be windy, rainy, and cloudy here in Washington. Why not get the most out of the sunshine? Enjoy the long weekend everyone! Don't forget my blog contest ends September 3rd.


storybeader said...

maybe you can cut paper stock outside, if it's not too windy?!

Nora said...

Relaxing is the best way to spend any day in my opinion! Happy Labor Day to you! :D

Cards By Jenna said...

Great idea Storybeader, but it's starting to get cold outside and the clouds have filled the sky today. :-( I'm having fun crafting inside, crank the ipod and cut some paper. :-)

Happy Labor Day to you too Nora!


Jen Hintz said...

I spent my Labor Day hitting all the good craft store sales! =)