Thursday, October 23, 2008

~Mini Halloween Gift Guide By Jenna~

Since Halloween is next week I decided to put together a gift guide for those of you out there who buy gifts for your favorite ghosts and goblins. Who says you can't buy gifts for Halloween?

Along with the holidays we find ourselves in the kitchen whipping up themed meals or baking those yummy frosted sugar cookies. You can't go wrong with giving the chef or baker in your life a Halloween dish towel! Check out this Halloween dish towel from 2nd Street Designs shop. The best part about this towel is that it was crocheted by the shop owners 86 year old father. What a treat to own something like this. This kitchen towel is currently on sale for $2.50. If you aren't into Halloween check out 2nd Street Designs other items, everything is unique and one of a kind, especially the floral wreaths!

After the kids come in from trick or treating their hands are full of germs! Running around from house to house ringing door bells and knocking on doors. Before letting the goblins go through their candy loot give them some soap to wash up with! I found the perfect mini soaps at Machine Gun Lullaby's shop. Check out these skull and pumpkin mini colored soaps! Vegan friendly and on sale to boot! You pay $1.40 for 10 sweet shea lotion soaps. What a great deal and a fun gift!

Need a trick or treat bag to hold all the loot you plan on collecting Halloween night? Well here is the perfect bag especially if you love kitties! This
Halloween Themed Orange & Black Cat Bag comes from Monk Rock Creation's shop. Not only is this bag environmentally friendly but a great tote to use for any number of items! At $10 this bag is a steal. :-)

Don't forget to bring out the candles to light your way on Halloween night. These Halloween Tealight Holders are not only one of a kind but hand painted and decorated individually. No two holders are alike! These fabulous tealight holders come from Dizzee Lizzee's shop. Not only does Dizzee Lizzee have an awesome shop but she is located just a few hours away from me in Washington state!

Now that we have the candle holder figured out we need to find some tealights to put inside. I have found the perfect tealights at Sweet Surrender Candle Shop. Check out these Pumpkin Spice Soy Tealights! Makes me want to eat pumpkin pie. :-) You get a dozen tealights for $6.99. I noticed there is a sale going on at the Sweet Surrender Candle Shop. Until Ocotober 25th you buy 5 candles and get the 6th one free! What an awesome sale and a great way to stock on up wonderful smelling candles.

Well there you have it! My mini Halloween gift buying guide from etsy sellers. I forgot one thing! If you need Halloween cards to go with any of these fabulous gift picks check out my Halloween cards. Right now all Halloween cards are 50% off.


Cards By Jenna said...

Happy Halloween Everyone!

dizzeelizzee said...

Thank you so much for putting me in your gift guide! It is very cute and, I think I might need some of those pumpkin spice tea light too!

Thanks again!

Sweet Surrender Candles said...

Thank you so much for including me in your blog article! Yup dizzee bought the pumpkin tea lights! I have them relisted though! :)

Cards By Jenna said...

Very cool! I'm so happy to see that my gift guide worked too. :-)

Happy Shopping~