Sunday, June 8, 2008

First Etsy Blog Feature

So I decided to put up a post in the etsy forums and asked fellow etsians to post their unique item that they felt is blog worthy. Here is a link to the forum post:

I want to thank everyone who contributed their suggestions. I decided to pick: Karina's Rose Petal Soaps!

Karina's etsy shop URL is These rose petal soaps are very unique and I love the fact that they are single use. The tin the petals are packaged in can be personalized and also reused once all the petals are gone. I could see these being great hostess gifts and very chic wedding favors. I think it's awesome that Karina discloses the ingredients in her products. Not only are these rose petal soaps a great price but shipping is low too!

Thanks to all who contributed to my forum post. I will need more to write about in the future so keep the posts coming!

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